Safety Striping

Enhancing Michigan Safety with Glass Beads in Striping

Glass Beads in Pavement Striping of Action Pavement Striping & MaintenanceWhen it Comes to Parking Lots, Safety is Our #1 Priority 

Pavement striping is imperative in keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. However, at night, pavement lines become increasingly difficult to see. One way to increase both driver and pedestrian safety is to embed glass beads in the striping.  

Action Pavement Striping's glass beading services have been keeping parking lots a safe place to be at night since 2000. The beads that we embed in the liquid binder bend light, creating retroreflectivity of the razor-sharp lines that we lay down. When dealing with pavement markings, retroreflectivity is very important, as it could be a crucial reminder for a driver to stop before a quickly-approaching pedestrian crossing or similar traffic stop. It’s crucial for customers to be aware of the options for adding or increasing retroreflectivity to their existing pavement striping. 

Our Goal: Keeping You OSHA-Compliant 

Hazard Stripping in Southeast Michigan by Action Pavement Striping & MaintenanceWe at Action Pavement Striping understand that in an industrial setting, employee safety is extremely important at all times. Our OSHA-compliant industrial safety lines ensure that warehouse and distribution centers are able to clearly mark their floors and aisles. Whether on a daily basis or in the event of an emergency, our lines mark the way to safety.

The team at Action Pavement Striping treats our customers like family, and like our family, we want them to be safe. We are committed to making you and your employees' daily workplace safety our top priority when it comes to laying down our razor-sharp lines in your warehouse or distribution center. We are well-versed in OSHA's compliance requirements and will be able to create a striping plan that ensures your workers stay out of harm's way. We have a longstanding reputation for being the top-rated OSHA industrial striper in the business, and we can create a safer environment for your industrial workplace, too!

Benefits of OSHA Compliant Factory Striping

OSHA is a common term in factory or warehouse settings. The word OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The goal is to help reduce job-related deaths, illnesses, and injuries by assisting in enforcing specific safety... Read More

If you’re looking for pavement striping services that include reflective glass beading for safety or OSHA industrial safety lines, contact us today at (734) 652-4132. We will gladly help!